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Windows Server vNext (20H1) Build Tracker

Microsoft has begun their development process for the next update to Windows Server under the code name 20H1. We track those builds which are released as part of the Windows Server Insider Program.


Microsoft has released Windows Server (Version 2004) for general availability as of May 27th, 2020.


As part of the Windows Server Insider Program, Microsoft makes it possible for IT Pros and System Admins to test development versions of the next feature update for Windows Server.

Microsoft's Windows Server Insider Program allows business and enterprise customers to access pre-release builds of the companies latest server operating system. This early access is intended to assist those organizations in discovering new features, capabilities, and to test compatibility for their own software and services.

This tracker will keep you updated on testing builds which are released for Windows Server vNext (20H1). If you are also testing the client operating system, you can follow those pre-release builds using our Windows 10 (20H1) Build Tracker for PCs to keep an eye on those updates.

Windows 10 (20H1) Software Development Kit (SDK) Build Tracker

Windows Server vNext is Microsoft's continued work on its server operating system as the company moves more functionality to the cloud.

Windows 10 (20H1) Build Tracker for PCs

The Windows Server vNext (20H1) build tracker will give you a chronological listing of testing builds as they get released to the Windows Server Insider Program.

Just click through the gallery images to review the builds that have been made available to Windows Server Insider Program participants.

Note: All update information is courtesy of Microsoft.

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