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Nano and infrastructure roles

Nano and infrastructure roles

Q. I heard Nano Server with the 2017 fall update will not support infrastructure roles, is this true?

A. Yes. Initially the plan for Nano Server was to be the cloud platform solution, for example Hyper-V servers, scale-out file servers in addition to the OS of choice for modern cloud applications and for container instances. Since release it became clear that there will really two opposite requirements for Nano Server

  1. To be as thin and fast as possible for container environments
  2. To support more infrastructure functionality which meant increasing size

Therefore for the 2017 fall update and foreseeable future the stance has changed and Nano Server will be focused on being as thin and fast as possible for container instances and the infrastructure roles removed to enable it to shrink. Therefore for infrastructure considerations Server Core should instead be utilized which will also support semi-annual channel 6 monthly updates to add new functionality.

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