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x64 on the Road

 The other day, I blogged about my fledgling move into x64 land again after a one year absence. It's been going well, to be honest, so over the weekend I wiped out my primary notebook computer, a Lenovo ThinkPad T61 that I may just cherish a bit too much to be considered normal, to the x64 version of Vista Ultimate as well. That install, go figure, went even better than the desktop install. I may be revising my outlook on x64 after all.

Compatibility-wise, the ThinkPad has been excellent: Lenovo and/or Windows Update supplied all the necessary drivers for all of the device's hardware, and all of the custom Lenovo applications are available if you want them. Software-wise, everything has gone swimmingly. I didn't have the Flash issues I cited in my previous post, and someone was able to point me to some illicit standalone installers for the Windows Live suite beta applications (WL Photo Gallery, WL Messenger, and so on), so that's all working. (And no, I can't hand out that URL, sorry, but I'm confused you can only get the apps via a combined installer that doesn't work on x64.)

I'll be traveling to Washington D.C. this coming weekend and, assuming this week of testing goes well, I'll just be bringing the x64-based ThinkPad with me. Should be interesting. Or not, I guess, if it just works. So far so good.

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