Boomi Aims to Tackle API Sprawl and Accelerate Integration With AI Power

At Boomi World 2024, Boomi announced acquisitions, API management solutions, an AI framework, and data management offerings to enable connectivity in the AI economy.

Sean Michael Kerner, Contributor

May 10, 2024

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Boom CEO Steve Lucas
Boom CEO Steve Lucas speaking at Boomi World 2024.

Integration platform vendor Boomi is looking to help its users reduce complexity, with some help from AI.

At this week's Boomi World conference, the intelligent integration and automation vendor announced new efforts to tackle the challenges of digital fragmentation and API sprawl. In his keynote, Boomi CEO Steve Lucas highlighted the critical challenge of connectivity faced by almost every organization due to digital fragmentation. The average enterprise now juggles more than 364 applications and numerous API gateways, leading to digital silos and disjointed technical architectures.

The emergence of the AI economy has further emphasized these challenges, as AI requires reliable, secure, and current data that is often fragmented and difficult to govern.

To help solve those issues, Boomi made a series of announcements, including:

• Boomi expanded its Enterprise Platform with next-generation API management.

• Boomi acquired APIIDA's federated API management business and API management assets from Cloud Software Group to accelerate its API management roadmap.

• Boomi introduced an AI agent framework with pre-built and pluggable AI agents, including Boomi Answers, DataDetective, DesignGen, and Scribe.

• Boomi announced Boomi DataHub as a trusted data foundation for operational, analytical, and AI workloads.

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Conquering API Sprawl Is a Top Priority

A major focus is next-generation API management to solve the API sprawl problem plaguing enterprises.

To address this, Boomi announced two strategic acquisitions:

  • APIIDA's Federated API Management: This solution enables enterprises to discover, govern, and provision APIs from multiple vendors in one central place, allowing federated administration of the entire API lifecycle.

  • Cloud Software Group API Assets: This technology will provide enterprise-grade scalability and security to meet demanding performance requirements across industries such as travel, retail, and finance.

"With these acquisitions, we're putting an end to operational overhead and API sprawl by offering a robust, enterprise-grade and federated API management solution, giving customers the ability to quickly provision, discover, secure, and infinitely scale in one end-to-end enterprise platform," Lucas stated.

Boomi Looks to Boost AI Innovation

Beyond API management, Boomi introduced an AI agent framework — a set of integration and no-code capabilities allowing users to run pre-built AI agents from Boomi, build custom agents, and integrate third-party agents via APIs or Boomi GPT.

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Four new AI agents unveiled include:

  • Boomi Answers: A prescriptive help agent

  • Boomi DataDetective: Classifies data fields, protects sensitive data, and tracks data movement

  • Boomi DesignGen: Autonomously builds integrations

  • Boomi Scribe: Automatically documents integrations

Rounding out the announcements, Boomi introduced Boomi DataHub, a data foundation for operational, analytical, and AI workloads providing master data management, integration pipelines, and data standardization for AI/analytics initiatives.

"Centralizing data has proved to be a dead end for companies," Lucas said. "A better approach is to build connectivity, governance, and automation into the IT resources companies already have, taking advantage of AI to make this work faster and easier than ever before." 

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