ITPro Today 2024 IT Salary Survey Report

Our survey of 455 IT pros reveals surprising trends around compensation, benefits, training, mental health, job satisfaction, and the rise of AI. Read on to discover what matters most to IT pros today – and assess how you stack up against your peers.

Danielle Meinert, Contributor

June 20, 2024

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The IT professional landscape is showing signs of stabilization. Even with recent tech layoffs, the value of IT roles remains high, with a focus on long-term careers over quick personal wins. Based on data from ITPro Today’s 2024 IT Salary Survey, which sampled 455 IT professionals, the following trends have emerged:

  • In an uncertain economy, find out why IT pros prioritize stability.

  • Understand the importance of compensation and benefits satisfaction.

  • How workplace preferences are shifting.

  • The opportunity to have access to mental health support.

  • Professional growth and skills for the future.

Despite the dynamic shifts in the IT industry, particularly with the rise of AI, certain trends remain consistent. It’s evident that IT professionals highly value career stability, seek meaningful support for well-being, and are keen to develop future-facing skills, all amidst changing compensation and workplace dynamics.

If you are an IT professional or their manager, this 2024 salary survey report is a valuable resource to help you assess how you stack up against your peers and, for IT managers, how you can incentivize IT workers to join or remain with your team.

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Danielle has driven learning and development at tech companies like Zapier, Dropbox, and Guild. She loves to help people grow and learn. You can find her in Atlanta taking long walks with her adopted miniature poodles, Rosie and Daisy.

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