Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.1004 hits Insider Fast Ring

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.1004 hits Insider Fast Ring

The much anticipated latest build for Windows 10 Mobile testers has landed in the Windows Insider Fast Ring well ahead of Microsoft's prediction earlier today.

This build, which replaces 10536.1003 that was pulled at the last minute a few days ago, brings along several bug fixes and a few unexpected enhancements.

First, all testers need to be aware that you will initially download builds 10514.0 and 10536.1000 for install ahead of 10536.104. After those two builds are on your device check for updates again and you will get 10536.1004 for the handset. The only exception to this will be those who are installing from Windows Phone 8.1 - such as those 200 or so users who inadvertently received 10536.1003 last week.

This sequence of installs is necessary according to Gabe Aul because it is a function of how we had to repackage the update to work around the updategen issue.

When you first begin this process be patient. It took my Nokia Lumia 830 about 10 minutes or so to move past 0% downloaded and after that it moved very quickly to 100% and preparing to install the updates. It then stayed at 0% while preparing to install updates for another 8 minutes before progressing to about 7% quickly and then needed more than 40 minutes to get to the restart stage of the install.

Here are some of the additions/updates you will find in this build:

  • Insider Hub is now included again!
  • Mobile hotspot functionality has been fixed.
  • Voice input has been updated to add support for Japanese and English (India) speech recognition.
  • Single hop updates are again available from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview for all devices.
  • Two-factor authentication is fixed when setting up a device for both text and phone authentication.
  • Start screen will successfully load instead of failing with “Loading …” displayed in a loop until device was rebooted. (We are still tracking down an issue were it may show “Loading …” for a few seconds.)
  • Quite Hours\Do Not Disturb has been fixed.
  • Delay in showing date and time on Lock screen has been improved.
  • Pinch and zoom in Maps now works as expected.

A new build of the Universal Windows Platform Photo App has also been included in this update and brings a new folder view to see your OneDrive and PC folders in the app. The phone version of this app update also shows you images stored on an SD card. The overall app performance has been improved and there are now context menus available for managing images.

A PC update for this app should be hitting desktop systems shortly - Universal Windows Platform apps for the win!

A feature for large Windows Phones, One-handed mode, is also being included in this new build for all devices – not just those with large screens. I am looking forward to trying this out for sure. Activate this mode by pressing and holding the phones Start button.

Just like we have seen with all past Windows 10 Mobile builds there are some know issues in 10536.1004.

  • After rebooting your phone, you won’t see notifications, such as new messages, until you unlock your phone. After that, you should see notifications for new messages just fine.
  • “zStorage” appears in the Settings app under System and clicking on it causes the Settings app to crash.
  • Camera upload to OneDrive may not be enabled based on prior settings. To fix this, make sure you are running the latest version of OneDrive by opening the top left navigation bar, then settings on the right to verify that camera upload is turned on and you have the latest app (version 17.2).
  • Insiders will not be able to move from Slow to Fast rings temporarily; we are working on a fix but in the interim to move a device from Slow to Fast you will need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to first start on Windows Phone 8.1 and opt directly into the Fast ring.
  • Additional languages for speech and keyboards won’t be available until tomorrow (9/15) and will error if you try to download. If you already have languages for speech and keyboards downloaded to your phone prior to upgrading, they will remain and available to use.

Let us know how your overall experience is with build 10536.1004 once you have it installed on your devices.

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