POLL RESULTS - Successful Windows 10 Upgrades

POLL RESULTS - Successful Windows 10 Upgrades

We know that in the first 24 hours after the release of Windows 10 nearly three weeks ago that 14 million users had installed/upgraded to the new operating system from Microsoft.

Although we have not had any official numbers from the Redmond company since then, recent speculation now puts that figure in the area of 50 million installations - an average of about 2.5 million daily installs of Windows 10 over the last 20 days.

Based on the comments we have seen here at the Supersite for Windows since the release and the buzz on social media all of those installs have not gone smoothly. We have also published several articles on how to fix post install issues that are being seen out in the wild.

So while the numbers look pretty good the experience has not been smooth overall.

We just closed out the poll we have been running since Windows 10 was released which asked how your upgrade to Windows 10 went and if you considered it a success.

In that poll 52% of you indicated that you had successfully upgraded to Windows 10 while 25% experienced issues with the upgrade.  There were also 23% of you who have not upgraded to Windows 10 up to this point. 

That results in roughly 1 out of 3 installs having an issue of some kind when upgrading to Windows 10 - 33% of upgraders having problems during the installation of a new operating system is not a good result at all.

If you extrapolate that number out to the total number of installs, which current speculation claims is around 50 million, that means as many as 16.5 million users could have had some type of issue with their upgrade.  The number is likely less than that but even if only 10% of users had problems with their upgrade that number is still 5 million users that hit some type of challenge with their upgrade.

It will be interesting to see some real numbers from Microsoft on installs and activations instead of the speculated stats to better understand how things have gone since launch.

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