JSI Tip 10302. A removable device is slow to respond in Windows Server 2003?

When you connect a slow removable storage device that has the Optimize for performance write cache policy enabled, an application that performs disk operations on the device may take a long time to finish if another application is writing to the disk.

This problem may occur if you are running Windows Server 2003 SP1, or the RTM version with the 817765 hotfix, or the Windows XP x64 Edition.

To workaround this behavior, use the Optimize for quick removal write cache policy:

1. Start / Run / devmgmt.msc / OK.

2. Right-click the device and press Properties.

3. Select the Policies tab.

4. Check Optimize for quick removal and press OK.

5. Shutdown and restart your computer.

NOTE: If you are using SCSI or IDE, you must continue to use Optimize for performance, but you can use the following registry entry:

1. Open a CMD.EXE window.

2. Type the following command and press Enter:

REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\<XXX>\<YYY>\<ZZZ>\Device Parameters\Classpnp" /V UserRemovalPolicy /T REG_DWORD /F /D 3

Where <XXX>, <YYY>, and <ZZZ> represent the disk device that you are using.

3. Shutdown and restart your computer.

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