How To: Add the Home Button Back to Microsoft Edge

How To: Add the Home Button Back to Microsoft Edge

Here's a good tip and an interesting personal story.

The home button in the web browser is pretty important to me. It's just something I've become accustomed to using and I know many of you do, too. I was contacted recently to join in the July 29th Windows 10 release celebration at an undisclosed location (I can share more later) to meet up with the engineer that took my Windows Insider feedback and included it as a feature in Microsoft Edge.

My feature request? A Home button for Microsoft's new Edge web browser.

So, yeah. That was me.

It seems Microsoft is taking the Windows Insider feedback to the extra level, and I'll have more to share about that later. I wonder now how many Windows 10 features wouldn't exist if Windows Insider's hadn't taken time to provide feedback. It also says a lot about how serious Microsoft has been about making Windows 10 a very personal experience for us all.

But, the Home button isn't turned on by default in Microsoft Edge – it's an option that is buried under a couple levels of settings. If you're like me and think a web browser is simply naked without a Home button, here's how to enable it…

  1. With Microsoft Edge open, tap or click the More Settings (the ellipses) option at the top right.

  2. Choose Settings, cursor down to Advanced Settings, and locate the Show the home button option.

  3. Toggle the Show the home button switch to ON, enter the URL you want to open when the Home button is tapped or clicked, and tap or click the Save button.

That's it! You now have your own personal Home button for Microsoft Edge.

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