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Great New Desktop Themes for Windows 7

Back when Windows 7 was still in beta, I offered up a set of Windows 7 themes around such topics as Paris, Washington D.C., and coffee, and I wrote a Feature Focus article about this technology. I've gotten some requests recently to re-post those themes, and I may do so in the near future. But this got me talking with a photographer friend recently, and I figured some of her pictures would make for great Windows desktop backgrounds, and great themes.

Her name is Kerry Hawkins. She's a prolific photographer and artist, and blogger. You can buy her work online, or follow her on Twitter as well.

UPDATE: The download links aren't working for some reason. I'll add DropBox and WL SkyDrive links in a moment. Hold, please.

She's provided me with pictures for three themes: Amusements, Flowers, and Ocean:

Download Kerry Hawkins - Amusements: DropBox | Windows Live SkyDrive

Download Kerry Hawkins - Flowers: DropBox | Windows Live SkyDrive

Download Kerry Hawkins - Ocean: DropBox | Windows Live SkyDrive

Definitely give them a look. And I'll try to convince her to let me post some more in the near future. :)

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