Clean Installers Rejoice - Windows 10 Build 10130 ISOs Released

Clean Installers Rejoice - Windows 10 Build 10130 ISOs Released

I have some good news and some bad news.

First the good.

Microsoft has decided to release the ISO images for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10130 which was released to Fast Ring Insiders about a week ago.

The bad news is that the release of new ISOs, normally tied to the availability of that build for Slow Ring Insiders, will just be an ISO release as this build will not get pushed through Windows Update for those users until a handful of issues are addressed in 10130.

According to Microsoft the primary reason they have made this ISO available separately from the Slow Ring is due to what appears to be a widespread issue blocking upgrades for Fast Ring Insiders. Those users are currently unable to install build 10130 because they encounter a 0x80146017 error during the upgrade process.

The release of the 10130 ISOs will now allow those Insiders to perform a full install instead of an upgrade to work around the issue mentioned above.

The bad news for Slow Ring Insiders does have a silver lining though. 

Although the new build is not being pushed via Windows Update to you it can still be downloaded and installed on your machines.

The build 10130 ISO images are located at and all you have to do is sign in with your Insider credentials and download the ISOs.

At that point you can either mount the ISO inside of Windows 10 and perform an in place upgrade or, if you hit the 0x80146017 error during that, you can do a full install to replace your current build.

Either way this build, while not automatically being pushed to the Slow Ring, can be accessed by those users through the ISOs to help you move forward in your continued Windows 10 testing.



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