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Windows Genuine Advantage Now Supports Mozilla-based Browsers

Downloading certain types of software from Microsoft's site has typically been limited to those who use Internet Explorer. That was because of Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage program, which runs an ActiveX control on a person's system that determines whether they have a pirated copy of Windows. If they do then they are made aware of that fact and some types of downloads from Microsoft's sites are blocked. The ActiveX control was designed only for Internet Explorer, which of course presented problems for those people who use browser alternatives, such as Firefox.

Based on customer feedback, the Windows Genuine Advantage team created a new ActiveX control that works with browsers based on code developed by Mozilla Foundation. This includes Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers. The new control is available for download at Microsoft's Web site -- and yes, you can download it with a Mozilla-based browser. Discussions about the new ActiveX control take place in Microsoft's newsgroup .

TAGS: Security
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