Include Your Own Windows 8.1 Toast Notifications in Your Scripts

A small utility called ToastNotification allows you to deliver Windows 8.1 notifications to end-users.

Rod Trent

May 12, 2015

1 Min Read
Include Your Own Windows 8.1 Toast Notifications in Your Scripts

Scripting is a thankless job and attention to detail is what wins accolades from the user population. You can develop a massive script that does many things well, work out the bugs and tweak it into a solution you're proud of, but end-users will only congratulate for the extra stuff.

A cool utility called ToastNotification could actually get your script labors noticed a bit quicker.

ToastNotification is a small executable that can be run from any script. When run, it delivers Windows 8.1 toast notifications directly to the Windows desktop.

You can download it from the Quick Tools section of this page: L2 Advanced Downloads

The utility is pretty nifty. Using three required command-line parameters (all text-based and separated by quotations) you can create your own messages to the end-user. The download comes with three files:

  • L2ToastNotification.exe (the command-line utility)

  • Toast.txt (the short documentation)

  • ToastImage.png (the toast notification logo)

To make it work, run L2ToastNotification.exe and include the three parameters: Notification Title, message line 1, and message line 2.

Example: L2ToastNotification.exe "Attention!" "Be warned!" "A script is running…"

Additionally, you can create your own ToastImage.png to personalize the toast notification. The ToastImage.png file is 90x90 pixels and the utility requires that the image file name be exactly the same. After creating my own, personalized image and running the command-line above, here's what the utility produced:

Have fun!

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