Windows 8.1 Goes Retro with XTree Clone

This new app brings back some good memories, while also giving you a file management app for Windows 8.1.

Rod Trent

January 30, 2015

1 Min Read
Windows 8.1 Goes Retro with XTree Clone

Awwww, man. This really takes me back.

A new app is available in the Windows store that brings back some memories and really brings a retro spin on file management for Windows 8.1. Provided as a Metro app, File Manager Gold is an XTree clone. Remember XTree and XTree Gold?

XTree was a file management software that ran as a DOS app, and of course, would run in a CMD Windows for Windows 3.0. The first release was in April of 1985 and brought a really simple way to navigate and work with files and folders in the file system.

But, now you can get that same nostalgic feel in Windows 8.1 with File Manager Gold.

File Manager Gold is normally $5.99, but is free for now, with no clue as to when this will change.

Grab it in the Windows store by searching for "File Manager Gold" or just click the following link:  File Manager Gold in the Windows Store

Big tip: when selecting a folder to manage in either pane, just choose the C: drive and then navigate from there. I've found that if you choose a folder full of files, it takes a long, long time to enumerate each one before the display is updated.


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