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Reporting Services for All

June 7, 2005--Orlando, Florida--In his Tech Ed 2005 keynote address, Microsoft Senior Vice President of Server Applications Paul Flessner announced that SQL Server Reporting Services will be included in all editions of SQL Server 2005.

In addition, the Workgroup and Standard Editions of SQL Server 2005 will include Report Builder, a Reporting Services end-user tool. Microsoft had previously planned to include the reporting tools only in SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, but has included them in more editions in response to customer requests. The inclusion of the Report Builder tool in multiple editions of the upcoming SQL Server release means that organizations can provide business users with this simple reporting tool without having to invest in the full-blown Enterprise Edition of the new SQL Server release. The tool frees up SQL Server professionals by letting them provide users with limited access to data and create their own reports without requiring IT to customize report changes for them.

-- Dawn Cyr

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