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Celebrating One Year of Saving Developers Time with Powerful Website Testing Tools Image Credit: Microsoft

Celebrating One Year of Saving Developers Time with Powerful Website Testing Tools

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Today Microsoft is celebrating its one-year anniversary of, a website that aims to make developers' lives easier by providing them with a myriad of tools to test their websites. was originally conceived after Microsoft received developer feedback about how difficult and time consuming it was to test a website across different browsers and older browser versions.

"Developers were spending too much time testing and too little time innovating," explained Jason McConnell, senior product marketing manager for the Internet Explorer division.

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If you haven't taken a look at the website, it's definitely worth checking out. In addition to providing useful testing tools and tech teardowns to help developers make their website development experiences better, the website's virtualization tools are some of the most useful resources available to developers on any browser. According to Microsoft, 750,000 developers have leveraged these virtualization tools to save an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes by using the site's pre-configured VMs compared to building VMs from scratch.

Microsoft's stated that since the site's launch in 2013, developers around the world have saved a collective 1,000,000 hours by using the tools and resources available on the website. The following video explains that statistic in more detail:

Can't think of what to do with all that spare time? Look no further with this awesome, pixelated infographic for some fun ideas.

Time Saved with Development Testing Tools

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