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Year in Review
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Top 10 AI Stories of 2023

ITPro Today’s most-read articles about artificial intelligence covered AI-assisted tools for software development, concerns and ethical considerations, GenAI challenges, and more.

As generative AI continues its upward growth trajectory, new uses and opportunities for the technology are becoming apparent.

In 2023, AI tools have surfaced with wide-ranging applications, cloud providers are starting to use AI to bolster their cloud offerings, and AI remains a hot topic of conversation. However, the rise of this technology is not without its concerns.

Here’s a roundup of our top AI stories in 2023.

1. GitHub Copilot vs. ChatGPT: Which Tool Is Better for Software Development?

When it comes to software development, AI has many useful applications. Contributor Christopher Tozzi explains the differences between Copilot and ChatGPT, and how each can help you write code.

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2. GitHub Copilot vs. Amazon CodeWhisperer: What Developers Need to Know

What do developers need to know when choosing between GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer? Christopher Tozzi compares the two AI-assisted software development tools.

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3. AI Pioneer Quits Google to Warn Humanity of the Tech's Existential Threat

Prominent Google computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton left his position at Google and warned that AI-powered computers could soon be as intelligent as humans. Read more about Hinton’s thoughts.

Continued Reading: Microsoft Ignite 2023 Envisions AI as an Everyday Reality

4. AI-Powered Apps Bring a New Level of Observability Challenges

Generative AI integration is making observability more difficult in software and cloud applications. Christopher Tozzi discusses why.

Continued Reading: How Running Your Code on AI Can Boost Developer Productivity

5. Lack of LLM Developers Impacting AI Ecosystem

The rise of generative AI demands large language model (LLM) developers to sustain it, but only a handful of companies have the infrastructure to train their LLMs. Contributor Nathan Eddy looks at the factors influencing the issue.

Buniatyan-Activeloop quote

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6. Big 3 Public Cloud Providers Remain Bullish on AI Prospects

Cloud revenues for the big three cloud providers have retained strong growth. Meanwhile, AI is opening new opportunities in the cloud. Contributor Sean Michael Kerner examines the latest.

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7. Why You Shouldn't Specialize in AI/ML Development

While specializing in AI/ML development may seem like a good idea, it could also be risky as the surge in demand for AI/ML developers is likely to be temporary. Contributor Christopher Tozzi explores the issue.

8. Cloud Giant Google Focused on AI, Next Wave of Technology

Generative AI is helping Google reimagine its core products in exciting ways. Read more from Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

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9. Why AI and BCDR Are a Natural Fit

Business continuity and disaster recovery are two areas where AI can make a substantial impact. However, organizations should be aware of AI’s limitations in this area. Karen D. Schwartz explains more.

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10. AI Takes Center Stage at 2023 RSA Conference: A Roundup of New Products

Karen D. Schwartz recaps the 2023 RSA Conference, which had a heavy focus on AI and cybersecurity.

Continued Reading: Will Generative AI Shake up Security Operations Centers?

What was the most important AI development at your company in 2023? Let us know in the comments!

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