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Updated Gmail for mobile application

Gmail Blog:

We just released a new version with some updates that you can get by pointing your phone's browser to The new version works on most phones that are Java ME enabled. For BlackBerry devices, you can continue to download the previous version from the same site.

The new version of Gmail for mobile is faster than before -- and consumes a lot less data. It also has a number of new features, including:

  • more than 30 percent faster overall, and 80 percent faster for some tasks

  • a contacts viewer to view your all Gmail contacts and addresses

  • an outgoing mail footer to let your recipients know you've sent an email from a mobile device

  • click-to-call phone numbers which you can call without retyping the number

  • emails are saved for later re-editing if connection drops or if you want to perform another task before sending out the message

  • Gmail keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks faster (on phones with full keyboards).
Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Google could be doing a lot more with this. Then again, any improvements are appreciated. I tried to hack the previous version of this to work on the Motorola Q, but the results were less than satisfactory.

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