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Telerik Releases Sitefinity 5.0 with Emphasis on Mobile Web CMS Tools

Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application, lifecycle, and content management solutions, released Sitefinity 5.0, the latest version of Telerik's Sitefinity content management system (CMS) for ASP.NET. The new release delivers enhancements particularly geared toward managing mobile web content.

Sitefinity 5 enables users to develop websites that automatically adapt to any screen size (smartphones, tablets, desktops). An end user can define rule-based web pages that dynamically adapt to different size screens. Sitefinity 5 supports CSS3 media queries, enabling content from the same source page to be automatically resized and selectively displayed appropriately on the screen of a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Sitefinity includes device emulators that content authors can use to preview page layouts on various types of devices.

Telerik Sitefinity 5's mobile device support

"In most CMS solutions, the challenges of supporting different display sizes required hand coding and developing and testing of multiple website versions for different mobile devices," said Martin Kirov, Telerik's executive vice president for Sitefinity. "Sitefinity is the first web content management platform to integrate responsive design, allowing Sitefinity developers and marketing end users to easily define the appearance of content depending on the device."

Sitefinity 5 also includes a new Forums module that lets users organize forums and threads and manage membership and moderators. Sitefinity Forums enables advanced search, permissions, file attachments, email notifications, and feed subscriptions management.

Another new feature of Sitefinity 5 is the Sitefinity Thunder plug-in for Visual Studio, which speeds up development and support of a Sitefinity website. Using Thunder, developers can create and maintain Sitefinity themes and manage assets on the fly through Visual Studio.

Other new features in Sitefinity 5 include support for Windows Authentication as an option for CMS administration, single sign-on to access all projects via the Sitefinity administrative back end, a Module Builder, e-commerce enhancements, new widgets, and an upgrade of OpenAccess.

You can download a free trial version of Sitefinity 5 or find out more information about the new features. Pricing for Sitefinity 5 starts at $499.

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