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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 14, 2010

Good afternoon. I've been alternating between Black Ops (I just prestiged up in multiplayer) and work writing today. Which is a fine way to spend a Sunday, in my opinion. Well, until the Patriots are on, anyway.


Speaking of Black Ops, there are some fun little secrets in there, including a few I figured out (or was told about) after posting my review. For example, the opening screen, where you choose between Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies, is interactive. "Look" down and you'll see that you're bound to a chair. You can escape by moving your hands and walk around the room. Where you'll find an old-school computer that has two fun games, including the full version of Zork (type zork at the terminal) and a fun, Commando-style arcade-type game called Dead Ops Arcade (doa). There's another secret in there around getting to the "final" Zombies level, but be careful about that because it will skip all the single player levels you haven't finished and take away those achievements. Google is your friend if you want to know more.


Microsoft quietly released a beta refresh version of Security Essentials 2 this past week. According to Microsoft, the new version includes "performance enhancements as well as some user interface modifications. In particular, the team decided to remove the protection against web threats feature in the Security Essentials Beta as it was causing PC performance issues."


My pal Dmitry Lyalin was on the Guys From Queens podcast on Friday. He's from Brooklyn, but I assume there was no bloodshed. If you're not familiar with Dmitry, you will be: He's writing the TWiT application for Windows Phone 7, and it's really nice.

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