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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 6, 2010

Good morning.

And it's sort of a good morning. I spent all day--literally all day--yesterday in the throws of a nasty bit of food poisoning, as did my wife. We're not sure what we ate, but it was a keeper. I'm still not feeling right, but at least I can sit upright and have actually though about eating again. My entire intake yesterday involved two bites of a banana (quickly ejected) and then 2 bottles of vitamin water. It was a great day.

But moving on....


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes that Windows Phone may be a game changer. Sure. And thanks for stealing my headline.


Google is launching its Google eBooks service today. Looking over the site, it's pretty clear this is an attack on the Amazon Kindle, which, frankly, already offers near-identical device support. (Except, of course, in the eBook reader department.)


Facebook has redesigned its user Profile page. Looks like you have to opt into it right now.
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