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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 29, 2010

Good afternoon.

Logitech is claiming that the death of Google TV is greatly exaggerated. I disagree. Google TV is in a shambles, and the fact that Google has told its partners to not announce new devices at CES next week is telling. I expect Google to completely revamp Google TV in 2011, much like Apple did with its Apple TV. (Sadly, Apple made that product less capable, but it seems to have hit the right price point at least.)

Google is providing restaurants and other establishments with cool-looking Recommended on Google window stickers that emulate the "pin" graphic on Google Maps. Nice! Can I get one for my house? It's on Google Maps!

Proof that Paul Allen has degenerated from industry innovator to patent troll: He's revising his patent suit against 11 tech firms. I remember when Allen was cool. Actually, no I don't.

Can Apple Sell 65 Million iPads in 2011? No. Half that would be impressive. And that's link bait, you amateur.

Skype explains last week's service outage. "We're sorry." But most of the people complaining about this don't even pay for the service.

According to an analyst, the RIM PlayBook is having battery life issues. I thought they analyzed, not predicted. Whatever. QNX was a ridiculous choice. We do not need yet another OS, mobile or otherwise.
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