World Backup Day: Expert Tips for Securing Critical Data

On World Backup Day, explore our curated collection of expert insights on effective backup strategies.

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March 31, 2024

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Each year, we grow more dependent on technology, making it increasingly vital to protect our digital assets. Today, as we observe World Backup Day, we’re reminded to check up on our backups and ensure we’re taking the necessary steps to protect our systems and computers.

To do our part, we’ve curated a collection of five insightful articles about the importance of proactive and adaptive backup strategies. Written by experts in the field, these articles offer valuable perspectives and practical guidance on securing critical data amid technology innovations and emerging threats.

Let’s dive in!

1. Executing Zero-Downtime Storage Hardware Refresh

In this article, IT expert Brien Posey discusses backups as the last line of defense during storage hardware refreshes. He discusses a real-world example of upgrading his storage hardware, which involved creating an offline backup in case something went awry. Posey also outlines steps involving verifying replication health and ensuring data synchronization between the primary and replica systems.

2. Here's How Companies Should Back up Microsoft 365 Data

Many companies believe that SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 inherently protect the data they generate. However, relying solely on your SaaS applications’ built-in backup capabilities is risky. Instead, experts recommend diversifying backups across multiple locations and vendors, employing third-party backup services to ensure the comprehensive protection of critical data. This article explores this concept as it relates to Microsoft 365.

3. Achieving Data Immutability in a Backup and Recovery Strategy

As threats and technologies evolve, IT professionals must stay proactive and adaptable in developing backup strategies. In this article, contributor Karen D. Schwartz discusses a managed service provider’s changing backup practices, highlighting the shift from traditional methods like physical servers and tapes to more innovative techniques.

4. The Air-Gapped, Immutable Storage Future Is Now

To develop strong backup strategies, it’s important to understand the growing danger of malware, especially ransomware, targeting backup repositories. In this article, you will learn different methods for improving data protection, including tape storage, immutability, and air gapping.

5. How a University Evolved Its Disaster Recovery Strategy Over Time

Learn about Clarke University’s multiyear journey as it improved its approach to data backup. The article details the university’s transition from a legacy backup setup to Veeam for better cost-efficiency and disaster recovery capabilities. Additionally, the article examines how the university used cloud technology, specifically Wasabi’s hot cloud object storage, to address offsite storage needs while ensuring data immutability.

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