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Web Storage System Security Roles

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server uses Windows 2000 security data structures natively in the Microsoft Web Storage System. In addition to the basic read/write/create/delete rights at the folder and item (or message) levels, Exchange 2000 also supports property-level access control and the concept of application-scoped roles (referred to as Roles). To provide support for these features on the Windows 95 and Windows 98 platforms, a new XML format has been defined for getting and setting security descriptors on folders and items. This document describes the purpose of roles and their design, and details how roles can be defined and subsequently used in setting security descriptors using XML. Please refer to the articles found in the Exchange 2000 SDK for a detailed description of the XML format for security descriptors and how application developers can use XML to get and set security descriptors in Exchange 2000. (13 printed pages)
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