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New Products - 22 Aug 2007

Create Real-Time Dashboards

iDashboards' dashboard software, iDashboards, lets you create real-time dashboards of business intelligence data from Oracle, IBM DB2, and SQL Server databases. iDashboards 5.0's new charting options include bubble charts, configurable speedometer dials, and transparent legends. The software can import from and export to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. You can download a free 30-day trial at iDashboards' Web site. For more information, call 248-952-0840 or go to

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Simplify Database Conversion

With EasyFrom ESF Database Convert 5.6, converting between database formats takes just three steps. Using the wizard-driven interface, you select a source database, identify associated tables, and select the required database format. ESF Database Convert supports numerous database platforms, including MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, InterBase, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel. A single-user license is $129. For more information, contact EasyFrom at 952-646-5558 or 888447-1175, or go to

Compare and Monitor Data from Multiple Data Sources

Tableau Software's data analysis software, Tableau 3.0, lets you create interactive dashboards to monitor and compare data from multiple sources simultaneously, including Microsoft Excel, Oracle, and SQL Server. You can add free-form comments and dynamic data labels to visual data, and new filters let you dynamically update all displays in worksheets and dashboards. The ability to create "on the fly" groups within visual displays lets you combine and recategorize multiple data fields with one click. Tableau's expanded database support includes IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and tab-delimited text files. For more information, email [email protected] or go to

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Monitor KPIs Using Gauges and Dials

Dundas Software released Dundas Gauge for .NET 2.0, a tool for building customizable gauge and dial types that provide real-time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators. Support for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) Click and Callback events lets you update the Gauge at the client without postbacks. Dundas Gauge for .NET also includes a new collection of 3D frame styles and performance improvements for WinForms control. The software is available for ASP.NET and Windows Forms; prices start at $699. For more information, browse to

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