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New Products - 21 Jun 2007

Build SSRS Reports in Excel and Word

SoftArtisans' OfficeWriter 3.8 lets you use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to design and deliver SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports (.rdl files). OfficeWriter 3.8 adds support for the ADOMD.NET DataReader class as a data source and improves support for Microsoft Office 2007. Also new is the ability to copy and paste values, formats, and formulas between Excel spreadsheets; improved image insertion in Word documents within Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0; and quicker spreadsheet generation when importing certain data types with an ExcelTemplate object. A free trial version of OfficeWriter 3.8 is available. For more information, contact SoftArtisans at 877-763-8278 or [email protected] or go to

See Associated Figure 1 and 2

Identify Relationships Between Data and Processes

Embarcadero Technologies has released its new business-process and conceptual modeling tool, EA/Studio Business Modeler Edition. EA/Studio reveals the interrelationships between data architectures, database applications, and business processes so that you can understand the effect of changing any component before you implement the change. EA/Studio supports importing models created in Microsoft Visio. Pricing for EA/Studio starts at $495 per seat. For details, contact Embarcadero Technologies at 415-834-3131 or

Centrally Manage Configurations Across Heterogeneous Databases

GridApp Systems announced a new version of its Clarity database automation and management software. GridApp Clarity 3.5 offers improved patch management, including support for SQL Server and clustered environments; supports patching and patch rollback for non-Clarity–provisioned databases, and includes provisioning and patching of Oracle and SQL Server databases. The new version also features customizable reports for the configuration management database and a central interface for tracking and managing configurations across all databases, nodes, and clusters in a heterogeneous environment. Supported platforms include SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL. For more information, contact GridApp Systems at 646-452-4100 or 408-573-6305 or see

Create Reports in Microsoft Office Word 2007

iT-Workplace's Intelligencia for Word 2007, an add-in for Microsoft Office Word 2007, lets users create and distribute BI reports within Word using data from relational and OLAP data sources. To create a report, users select a data source, build the query by using a visual query interface, and format the results. Intelligencia can combine data from different sources without programming and lets users join multiple tables and sort, group, and filter results. Users can create reports that incorporate cube data and metadata by using OLAP functions that are updated automatically as the underlying data changes. For more information, contact iTWorkplace at [email protected] or go to

Become a Better SQL Server Developer

Mike Murach and Associates has published Murach's SQL Server 2005 for Developers, a book that aims to boost SQL skills by revealing features of SQL Server that many developers don't know about. In addition to queries, cursors, views, and stored procedures, topics include using enhanced SQL features for working with XML data, SQL Server Management Studio, and the SQL Server 2005 CLR integration feature that lets developers create database objects in Microsoft.NET languages. Murach's SQL Server 2005 for Developers lists for $52.50. For more information, contact the publisher at 800-221-5528 or go to

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