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KPMG Uses WebLoad to Test

RadView Software announced that KPMG LLP selected RadView’s WebLoad to test’s scalability and integrity. Launched September 8, 1999, NetAid represents a convergence of the Internet, television, and radio in a long-term initiative to promote social change and fight extreme poverty worldwide. Created by Cisco Systems and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and developed by KPMG partners, including RadView Software, is one of the largest and most complex e-business applications. has a capacity to handle 1 million hits per minute, 125,000 simultaneous systems, 1000 secure e-payment transactions per second, and a distributed network architecture that employs 1500 servers in more than 90 locations worldwide. “The testing requirements for were extreme and required the testing solution to scale right along with the NetAid site being tested,” says Supreet Manchanda, KPMG partner. “WebLoad efficiently scaled to the load levels we required without any loss of integrity, enabling us to deploy within an unprecedented 90 days and with complete confidence in the site’s ability to serve the traffic we anticipated …” The NetAid Web site ( featured a live Web cast of three simultaneous benefit rock concerts on October 9, 1999, and was projected to achieve traffic levels of 2 billion to 3 billion hits in nine hours, or 10 times that of the last Olympics and men’s World Cup soccer matches. At its height, the site can handle 60 million transactions per second and 10 million users accessing streaming features. Through a network of 134 country offices, UNDP helps people in 174 countries and territories focus on poverty elimination, environmental regeneration, job creation, and the advancement of women. KPMG partners and professionals provide a wide range of accounting, tax, and consulting services to help clients analyze their businesses clearly, raise performance levels, achieve growth, and enhance shareholder value. RadView Software provides software solutions for verifying e-business system scalability and integrity.

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