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Cybersecurity in 2022: Top Stories So Far

The first half of 2022 saw global threats emerge from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. New technologies entered the limelight.

The field of cybersecurity didn't lose any of its dynamism during the first half of 2022.

ITPro Today readers paid close attention to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has involved cyberattacks that could increasingly spill over into other countries. We explored the conflict in several articles, including a story about how Ukrainian data center and network engineers worked to preserve Ukraine's communications infrastructure.

Apart from staying on top of cybersecurity news, readers sought tips for using encryption, preventing ransomware attacks, and hardening their IT environments. Ransomware proved to be a threat that many are trying to finally stamp out.

Here is a rundown of our top cybersecurity stories of 2022.

1. Tech Walls Off Russia Like Never Before, Posing New Risks for U.S.

U.S. tech companies responded to Russia's Ukraine invasion with a boycott. Read about the large-scale technological isolation of Russia’s 145 million people.

2. How to Encrypt PowerShell Scripts

Storing PowerShell scripts on your network can create a range of risks. PowerShell expert Brien Posey explains how to protect sensitive scripts by encrypting them.

Brien PoseyEncrypted PowerShell script

An example of an encrypted PowerShell script

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3. Microchip Adds Real-Time Security to Its Root of Trust Silicon Tech

Microchip in May updated its Trust Shield root of trust product. Learn about advances in silicon security and why server manufacturers and hyperscalers are investing in root of trust technology. 

4. Machine Identity Management: A Fast-Growing Frontier of Security

Gartner has pointed to machine identity management as a critical component of security operations. This article explains what a machine identity is and why managing machine identities is important. 

5. Report Finds Widespread Active Directory Security Failings

Many organizations’ Active Directory environments are sitting ducks for cyberattackers. A report from Semperis highlighted areas of Active Directory security that need improvement.

6. Fake Windows Updates Trick Users Into Installing Ransomware

Cybercriminals will use fake Windows updates to dupe their victims into downloading ransomware. Here are tips for spotting this form of attack. 

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7. Cybersecurity Startups Make Waves at RSAC 2022

The RSA Conference provides newcomers with an opportunity to showcase their security technologies. Read this roundup of notable startups.

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8. Legitimate Security Tool Used Against Ukrainian Power Grid, Now Top Global Threat

Security tools such as Impacket penetration testing software were used in cyberattacks against Ukrainian organizations. Learn how criminals take advantage of security products to do harm.

9. Battle Intensifies To Keep Ukraine Online

As Russia invaded Ukraine, the Ukrainian government worked hard to protect its communications infrastructure. This article tells the story of Ukrainian data center and network engineers trying to keep their country connected.

Mark Ballard26_Mryonosytska_Street_Kharkiv_8th_March2022_resized.png

26 Mryonosytska Street, Kharkiv - March 8, 2022

10. Windows 11 Security: How To Set up Dynamic Lock

Windows 11 introduced Dynamic Lock, a security feature that logs out users when they physically leave their computers. Here’s how Dynamic Lock works and how to enable it on your system.

Further Reading: Microsoft Details New Security Features for Windows 11

More highlights in cybersecurity new:

Other notable security tips and insight:

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