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Proof that Project Natal won't work as advertised?

So I was reading through an article about the Xbox 360 "controller-less controller" on EuroGamer and noticed something alarming. Let's see if you can figure it out.

The project director, Alex Kipman, told us while demoing how his shiny new technology can be used to play good old Burnout Paradise.

See it? It's subtle, but if you look hard enough, you'll notice it.

That's right. It says "Alex Kipman."

Now, who is this guy, you ask? He was an engineer on the Windows Ultimate Extras team. You know, the guys who brought us ... well. Almost nothing, actually. Microsoft only made some of the few Ultimate Extras that ever did ship in-house. But you know, they did demo a cool wallpaper once. (The link 404s. Which sort of proves my point.) So what I remember Alex for were the promises. Great things were coming out of the Ultimate team. Great things.

You know, kind of like with Project Natal.

Alex's old Windows Ultimate profile can be found here.

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