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PDC 2003 Eric Rudder Keynote Photo Gallery

"So Eric was talking about some of the productivity enhancements that we're introducing in 'Whidbey.' And we really are aiming to take productivity to new heights, particularly for Visual Basic developers."

"So as you can see I've got a utility belt here loaded up with the latest Windows Mobile 2003 devices."

"Our friends over at Dell have been doing a lot of work with their Axim line of Pocket PCs, so this guy just came out a week or so ago. This is the Dell Axim X3I. So the interesting thing here, they've got a real slim form factor and it's got Wi-Fi support on board as well."

"I wanted to spend a minute clarifying some of the server and tools roadmaps."

"We promise to ship you world class tools as soon as we can, ahead of the platform, so you can fully realize your potential."

"We promise to deliver a breakthrough platform for innovation and opportunity for you."
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