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Netbiscuits Releases Sitebuilder 2.0 Mobile Website Creation Tool

Netbiscuits, a provider of cloud software services, released Sitebuilder 2.0, the latest version of its web-based mobile website creation tool. Using Sitebuilder 2.0, Netbiscuits customers can create rich mobile web experiences for smartphone-style devices.

Sitebuilder 2.0 comes with a comprehensive set of new and extended Biscuits—Netbiscuits' mobile website building blocks—that enable a device-specific and optimized website display on more than 6,000 web-enabled devices worldwide. Sitebuilder 2.0 supports multi-platform publishing across all smart and feature phones, tablets, and other devices by enabling layouts to adapt website designs dynamically to devices like iPad, iPhone, and others that provide wider screens and landscape modes.

With Sitebuilder 2.0, Netbiscuits customers don't need programming skills to set up, edit, and manage mobile web projects. Sitebuilder 2.0 provides a drag-and-drop UI that seamlessly integrates with Netbiscuits' cloud software service for cross-platform publishing and allows the instant publication of mobile web applications.

Sitebuilder 2.0 is currently available in beta. To test it free of charge, you can obtain a 30-day free trial access to Netbiscuits' cloud software service.

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