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Programming ASP.NET



Programming ASP.NET

As with any new technology, many ASP.NET books have been rushed to market. These books often are filled with errors, typos, and bad information. Programming ASP.NET, however, abandons this trend. It provides an excellent walkthrough of the ASP.NET basics and tackles some of the more complex subjects.


The book features both C# and VB .NET, including full examples in both languages. Sometimes the incorporation of both languages is distracting and harms the flow of the explanations, but you'll benefit from always finding an example in your language of choice.


Although it offers plenty for the beginner with complete walkthroughs of each available HTML and ASP control, Programming ASP.NET offers intermediate programmers with stand-out chapters on Web Services, creating custom server controls, caching, and security. The authors explain these more complex subjects thoroughly and provide practical, easy-to-understand examples.


This book's one major fault is that ADO.NET and database access are not introduced until chapter 11, so many of the data-binding examples before this chapter use arrays or classes that the majority of readers won't use. If these topics had been introduced earlier, these examples would have been more readable and practical.


Despite this weakness, I recommend Programming ASP.NET to anyone looking for an excellent ASP.NET tutorial or a solid reference on the technology.


- James H. Avery


Programming ASP.NET, by Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz, O'Reilly,



ISBN: 0-5960-0171-1

Cover Price: US$49.95

(960 pages)



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