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Ektron CMS400.NET Adds Site Replication

Ektron CMS400.NET Adds Site Replication

Ektron announced a new integrated Site Replication tool that expands options for publishing changes on dynamic Web sites managed by Ektron CMS400.NET. The Site Replication feature allows organizations to automate the movement of site changes from a staging to a production (or live) server. Staged changes can be automatically synchronized with the live site to ensure security and quality assurance.

 The process of mirroring, or synchronizing, a Web site is done through the Ektron CMS400.NET user interface. Ektron offers both site replication and virtual staging in a single CMS. With this approach, organizations can run separate staging and production environments for site changes, run a completely virtual staging environment, or use a combination of both.

 Ektron s Site Replication feature also supports load-balancing for dynamic, high-traffic Web sites that require multiple servers to handle high-volume traffic. A Web site can be mirrored automatically over several Web servers.

 Using Ektron s Site Replication feature you can make changes to templates, forms, images, words, links navigation, and more; review and test for quality assurance and site integrity; and push multiple changes to the Web site automatically. It also enables site managers to preview all pending changes in the context of the entire site, as well as back-up and restore by maintaining a history of recent published versions of a complete site.


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