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Beginning ASP.NET Using VB.NET



Beginning ASP.NET Using VB.NET

Beginning ASP.NET Using VB.NET is a solid introduction to ASP programming that offers readers a step-by-step introduction to ASP.NET programming. Typical of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer titles, there is plenty of example code. The code samples are dissected and accompanied by lots of practical advice.


The breadth of Beginning ASP.NET Using VB.NET is typical for the current round of Beginning ASP.NET titles on the market. It starts with an introduction to ASP.NET and VB .NET, explains how to install and configure ASP.NET, and then proceeds to the meatier subjects of programming with ASP.NET. I especially like the focus on objects and object-oriented programming; these are essential topics for .NET programming. You ll also learn about working with ADO.NET, XML, and Web Services. Topics like debugging, error handling, and custom server controls also receive considerable attention.


Unfortunately, Beginning ASP.NET Using VB.NET suffers from one major shortcoming: The editing was substandard. There are many misspellings, grammatical mistakes, and code errors. This is not the only recent Wrox title to suffer from this defect. The shift at Wrox from one or two authors to a cast of thousands for each book has been accompanied by groans from readers on sites like and because of editorial blemishes.


Despite these flaws, you can learn a lot from this book. If you are new to ASP programming or want to make the transition quickly from ASP to ASP.NET, this book merits serious consideration.


Glenn E. Mitchell II, Ph.D.


Beginning ASP.NET Using VB.NET, Rob Birdwell, et al., Wrox,



ISBN: 1-861005-04-0

Cover Price: US$39.99

(800 pages)



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