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Windows Phone Book: Windows Phone User Experience 0.2

Now clocking in at over 600 pages

Here’s a second update to the chapter “The Windows Phone User Experience” in Paul Thurrott’s Guide to Windows Phone 8. This update includes several addition new sections and is nearly complete.

I get really bored by the introductory topics, but this one is at least coming together quickly. This update adds the sections Use the multi-touch screen, Understand the hardware buttons, and Understand common software interfaces, which are part of the basic navigation stuff. Since the Personalization section was previously written, there are just two short bits to write about the Start experience and apps and hubs.

That said, I’ll probably have to move some things around. I’m sure I’m missing something basic here.

Regardless, I should be able to finish this up soon and move on to the Maps + Location chapter, which will need significant updating. Random tidbit: The book is now over 600 pages long in Word/PDF form.

More soon. Feedback is always appreciated.

Download The Windows Phone User Experience 0.2 (28 page PDF, 2.6 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.065 (602 page PDF, 37 MB)

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