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Windows Phone Book: Security + Networking 0.3

A third minor update to this chapter

This is a minor update to the Security + Networking chapter in Windows Phone Book. This update includes two new sections and a correction to a previously-written section.

First, the mistake: As a number of readers pointed out, you can in fact use more than 4 digits for your lock screen PIN in Windows Phone 8, so I’ve corrected that. I’m also looking into adding information about more complex passwords if that’s supported by EAS. If so, I’ll write about that in the Business chapter.

New sections in this update include Data Sense and Airplane Mode. Nothing major.

Indeed, this is the first update in a week because of the general busyness of TechEd this past week. I’ll try to get more done over the weekend, but it’s fair to say that this chapter will likely evolve into a long one. (I wonder whether it should be split into two chapters—one on Security, one on Networking? We’ll see how it goes.)

Feedback is always appreciated. More soon.

Download Security + Networking 0.3 (30 page PDF, 2.63 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.055 (515 page PDF, 31.8 MB)

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