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Windows Phone Book: People + Me 0.6

Finally, the contacts management section is complete

This is a fairly major update to the People + Me chapter for Windows Phone Book. This update completes the big part of the chapter, which is about contacts management.

This update includes the complete, first draft sections about Groups and Rooms, and significantly ups the page count of the chapter, partially because of screenshots, but also because Rooms, in particular, required a lot of text to explain. Part of the goal of the task-based approach is to have shorter chapters, but this one is spinning out of control. I’m not sure what I can do to change that, so I may have to just accept that this is a big topic.

Next up, I’ll fill out the section about “Me,” which is the special feature of the People hub that lets you post to and check up on your social networking accounts.

More soon. As always, any feedback is appreciated.

Download People + Me 0.6 (53 page PDF, 4.41 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.036 (389 page PDF, 23.4 MB)

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