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Windows Phone Book: The Next Chapter, Office + OneNote

A new chapter about the Office productivity apps in Windows Phone 8

Here is a very early peek at the next chapter in Windows Phone book, Office + OneNote. This chapter focuses on the Office hub—Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile plus the SkyDrive and SharePoint integration—and the OneNote Mobile app.

I was originally going to write Security + Networking next and did in fact start filling out the topics list for that chapter, but this one seemed a little more interesting.

In its current form, Chapter 12: Office + OneNote is only very partially complete. I wrote the PowerPoint Mobile section and have filled out the major topic areas, which include sections about the Office hub, working with documents, and four Office Mobile apps. OneNote is set apart because of its special place on Windows Phone.

Not much to see here, in other words. That said, feedback is always appreciated, especially around the topic coverage.

Download Office + OneNote 0.1 (8 page PDF, 856 KB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.047 (442 page PDF, 27.5 MB)


Just a quick update with a new version of the full book document. I've decided to remove the section heading pages from the book, so this reduces the page count by 5.

Download Windows Phone Book 0.048 (437 page PDF, 27.4 MB)
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