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Windows Phone Book: Music, Videos and Podcasts 0.4

A major expansion of the chapter, with the Windows Phone content from Xbox Music Book

Here’s a long-overdue update to the Music, Videos and Podcasts chapter in Windows Phone Book. This update includes the Windows Phone content from Xbox Music Book and a lot of introductory material.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this chapter. When we last left it a month ago, I had basically completed the Videos and Podcasts sections but was waiting on pasting in the Windows Phone content from Xbox Music Book.

So that content is now in there, of course, and while doing so was pretty straightforward, it did require a bit of reordering and cleaning up. I also wrote the introductory material and decided to slightly expand the third party podcast app section. In short, it’s getting there.

So what’s left? A few short sections at the end: I need to finish up the third-party podcast app list and the Customize section. Right now there are still two holdovers from the old book style (Inside the app and Outside the app), but I’m going to see about just integrating that content in elsewhere in the chapter.

Hopefully there are just one or two more updates until this one is completed in first draft form. In the meantime, any feedback is appreciated.

Download Music, Videos and Podcasts 0.4

Download Windows Phone Book 0.022

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