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Windows Phone Book: Games Chapter is Complete

Windows Phone Book: Games Chapter is Complete

From a length perspective, this should be roughly the halfway point

The Games chapter for Windows Phone Book is now complete in first draft form. This version of the chapter adds several additional sections, while reordering some of the previous sections.

This update adds the following sections: Intro and Understand Xbox LIVE, Find games in the Xbox Games Store (launch the Games Store, Understand the Games Store layout, Search, Find Xbox LIVE games, Explore a game), Play Games (send and receive game requests, earn an achievement), Pin a game to Start, and Uninstall a game. I also moved a few things around, nothing major.

As promised, a pretty short chapter overall: its 32 page length is due partly to the number of images. Looking at just the text, it’s only 12 pages long. There’s only so much you can say about game-related functionality.

Feedback is always appreciated. Another chapter soon.

Download Games 0.3 (32 page PDF, 3 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.029 (346 page PDF, 19.5 MB)

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