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Windows Phone Book: Games 0.1

This chapter is looking to be one of the shortest in the book

Here’s a first peek at the Games chapter for Windows Phone Book. In this early version of the chapter you’ll find a rough layout of the expected tasks and a few completed sections.

As with the previous two chapters, Email and Internet Explorer, this one looks to be quite straightforward and should be completed very quickly and with little effort. My guess is that this will be one of the shortest chapters in the book, too, since it deals mostly with peripheral material related to gaming, and not to game-playing.

One thing I’m not sure about is how to handle Xbox SmartGlass. From a gaming perspective, it seems that most of SmartGlass’s usefulness is related to Xbox 360 games, and not Windows Phone games, so perhaps only a cursory overview is required. On the other hand, if anyone knows about any excellent two-screen games that work on both Xbox 360 and Windows Phone and interact in some amazing way, I’ll consider adding information about that.

So far, only a few sections are done: Find and launch the Games hub, Tour of the Games hub, Send and respond to friend requests, and Customize the Games hub. But given the size of topic list, this chapter is possibly one-third complete in first draft form. (That said, it’s possible the introductory material about Xbox LIVE and accounts will be lengthy, and I may need to add a section at the end about managing your account online. We’ll see how that goes.)

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Games 0.1

Download Windows Phone Book 0.027

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