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Windows Phone Book: Capturing and Enjoying Photos 0.3

More content about the Photos hub

Here’s another quick update to the Capturing and Enjoying Photos chapter in Windows Phone Book. This update adds a much of the content for the first half of the chapter, which focuses on using the Photos hub.

Unlike yesterday’s update, which probably represents most of the content for that section, this update is likely less complete. That is, even though it looks semi-complete too, I’ll need to spend some time on it and will likely be adding more photo management-related tasks in the near future.

But for now, I’ve added a bunch of new stuff, including tasks related to viewing photo albums, editing photos, adding/viewing photo tags, deleting a photo, saving online photos to the phone, adding a photo to Favorites, and setting a photo as the lock screen or Photo hub background. It’s not as much as it seems, as many of these tasks are quite short.

As always, any feedback is appreciated.

Download Capturing and Enjoying Photos 0.3

Download Windows Phone Book 0.015

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