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TiVo Tests Internet Download Video Service

DVR pioneer TiVo is testing the waters with a new service that will help the company take advantage of its customers' broadband services to deliver TV shows over the Internet. The consumer-electronics company has teamed with the Independent Film Channel (IFC) to transmit several TV shows as part of a trial effort. Customers will be able to opt to receive three IFC shows, beginning August 19, before the shows air on the cable channel. If the service is successful, the company could launch similar promotions in the future with other networks and possibly offer movie rentals. Despite jump-starting the DVR market, TiVo continues to struggle to survive, and the company has yet to make a profit. Adding to its woes, the company's biggest partner, DirecTV, will no longer market the TiVo service. A full 70 percent of TiVo's current customers came from its deal with DirecTV.

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