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TiVo Links Up with Yahoo

This week, online-services giant Yahoo signed an agreement with TiVo that should please digital video recording (DVR) fans: Under terms of the agreement, TiVo owners will be able to use their device to access traffic and weather information, as well as their online photo galleries, via a TV set. Additionally, you'll be able to trigger TiVo TV recordings remotely using a Yahoo Web site that offers TV listings. (That latter feature is similar to the free MSN Remote Record function that Microsoft offers to Media Center customers.) Both Yahoo and TiVo hint that this agreement is only the beginning, and it's possible to imagine a wide range of online services that Yahoo could offer to TiVo customers. For example, you could use Yahoo Search to find out why the heck no is buying TiVo devices. Come on, people. This the future. Get moving

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