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Sony Begins Shipping iPod shuffle Killers

This week, Sony will begin shipping its awkwardly named Network Walkman Digital Music Player in the United States, in 512MB and 1GB models. Available for about $150 and $200, respectively, the NWDMP (ahem) is about the same size as the market-leading Apple iPod shuffle but offers a number of important enhancements. The first and most obvious of these is Sony's amazing three-line organic electroluminescence display, which is too gorgeous for words. But in contrast with the iPod shuffle, the Sony device adds an FM tuner, a whopping 50 hours of playback on a single battery charge, and a time/calendar display. Also, the Sony devices are available in a number of colors and not just always-dirty and so-yesterday white. Will Sony unseat the iPod shuffle? Frankly, these devices deserve to be best-sellers

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