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Samsung to Offer Dual-Format Next-Generation DVD Player

One company is still working toward ending the next-generation DVD format war, although it's doing so by offering both technologies--HD-DVD and Blu-ray--in one package. According to a newspaper report, assuming the two sides don't miraculously come to an agreement on a unified standard, Samsung will release a DVD player that will be able play both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs. Of course, the company would prefer one standard, but Samsung told the <I>Financial Times</I> that if the standard doesn't happen, it will introduce a unified solution in the hopes of alleviating consumer confusion. Samsung backs the Blu-ray format, which claims to offer higher capacity, better interactivity and stronger security than HD-DVD but isn't as cheap and compatible with existing formats as HD-DVD is. Samsung's decision to support both technologies could give the company a big advantage in the market to sell new players. The company expects to release its unified solution next year. Great idea, Samsung.

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