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Report: Windows Phone 8 Usage Surges

Report: Windows Phone 8 Usage Surges

Windows Phone 8 usage is up big-time in the US and abroad

New Windows Phone usage data shows that Windows Phone 8 handset usage made a huge leap in December, jumping from 5 percent of the market a month ago to almost 20 percent this month. The big winner, as before, is Nokia’s Lumia 920, despite fairly limited availability.

The data comes from mobile ad firm AdDuplex, which will release a full report later this week. (Last month, I used AdDuplex data in the post Interesting Windows Phone Stats. This can be considered a follow-up to that report.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the report:

Most popular Windows Phone handsets: Nokia Lumia 710 (20 percent, down from 24 percent), Nokia Lumia 800 (18 percent, unchanged month-over-month), Nokia Lumia 610 (16 percent, down from 17 percent), Nokia Lumia 910 (9 percent, up 3x from just 3 percent), and Nokia Lumia 900 (6 percent, down from 7 percent).

Windows Phone 8 surges. Usage in Windows Phone 8 jumped from 5 percent of total Windows Phone usage in December to 19 percent in December. (Windows Phone 7.5 is responsible for all of the other 81 percent.) “Most of this growth happened at the expense of the older models,” AdDuplex notes, which I assume indicates that the overall size of Windows Phone usage didn’t grow much? But it’s not all bad news: In the US, Windows Phone 8 represents a whopping 43 percent of usage. All of those gains are new device sales.

Windows Phone 8 models. All Windows Phone 8 models saw big gains in the month. The best-seller, again, is the Lumia 920 (9 percent), followed by the HTC Windows Phone 8X (3 percent, up from less than 1 percent), and Nokia Lumia 820 (3 percent).

Windows Phone models in the United States. In the US, things are quite a bit different thanks to the prevalence of AT&T, which has been selling multiple Windows Phone models for two years. The top device here is the Lumia 920 (16 percent), followed by Lumia 900 (14 percent), Lumia 710 and HTC 8X (both 11 percent), Lumia 822 (10 percent), and the HTC Radar 4G (8 percent).

Carriers in the United States. As expected, Windows Phone carrier usage is dominated by AT&T (51 percent), followed by T-Mobile (27 percent), and Verizon (16 percent). I expect a big jump from Verizon in the months ahead though.

Windows Phone 8 models on AT&T. The Nokia Lumia 920 generates the most usage (71 percent) of AT&T-based Windows Phone 8 handsets, followed by the HTC 8X (18 percent) and Lumia 820 (11 percent). In the US, “there are more Lumia 920 devices in use than any other Windows Phone,” AdDuplex notes. “That’s a very notable achievement for a device that is only available on one operator and constantly suffered from supply shortages.”

International stats. AdDuplex’s report contains information about other countries as well. Stay tuned.

According to AdDuplex, the data in this report comes from Windows Phone apps that use the AdDuplex SDK. AdDuplex describes itself as a cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

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