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RealNetworks Moves Subscription Service to the Web

Online music giant RealNetworks has moved its Rhapsody digital music subscription service to the Web, opening up the service to users of Apple Macintosh and Linux-based computers. With the new version of Rhapsody, subscribers can listen to the service's ample music collection of over 1.3 million songs via any Web browser, including the open-source favorite Firefox, and not be forced to download client software. To ensnare potential customers, RealNetworks is extending its previous offer to let users create free accounts that can stream any 25 songs. Unfortunately, I blew one of these on a horrible "KRS-One" title before I understood the limitation. Now that song will dog me until I subscribe or subject myself to hours of sleep-deprivation therapy. In any event, the new service appears to work quite well. The Unlimited version of Rhapsody is $9.99 per month

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