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New & Improved - 27 Dec 2005

Automate Network Monitoring Tasks
AdventNet released ManageEngine OpManager 5.6, Web-based network monitoring software that includes enhancements based on customer feedback. The new release provides combined WAN/router, server, and application monitoring. OpManager autodiscovers the entire network, groups devices into intuitive maps, and monitors them in real time. The software instantaneously sends alerts and notifies operators by email when a fault occurs. You can receive reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or any customizable basis. Other new features include the ability to monitor Exchange, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer integration, and firewall monitoring. OpManager supports Windows and Linux platforms. Pricing starts at $795., 925-924-9500, 888-720-9500

Password Not Required with Disk-Encryption Software
Dekart released Dekart Private Disk Multifactor 1.22, disk-encryption software that can protect confidential data by creating virtual encrypted partitions (drive letters) on your hard drive and/or removable drive. The transparent encryption of data occurs with the robust Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption algorithm. Data encryption happens automatically when a disk is mounted or a user writes to the disk. Data is automatically decrypted when the user reads from the disk. You can access the encrypted information only after successful hardware and biometric authentication. The software can also protect removable media such as USB flash drives and memory sticks. Dekart Private Disk Multifactor 1.22 runs on Windows XP/2000/Me/NT/9x systems. Pricing is $49., (373) (22) 24-55-80

Product Spotlight
Endpoint Security Here, There, and Everywhere, 801-838-7878, 877-844-5430

Senforce Technologies announced the release of Senforce Endpoint Security Suite (ESS) 3.1, software that lets you manage endpoint and wireless security at the office or on the road from one centrally managed location. ESS provides centralized management and policy definition, location-aware policy enforcement, and reporting and auditing controls in a single package.

ESS ensures that endpoint integrity and compliance checks can occur anytime and anywhere without requiring network admission and authentication controls. Enforcement of policy compliance and security practices, such as keeping antivirus, antispyware, and security patches up-to-date, occurs regardless of the user's network location. In an age of wireless connectivity, ESS provides necessary Wi-Fi security features including disabling Wi-Fi access when wired, preventing rogue access, and allowing a connection only to preapproved wireless Access Points (APs) and only after security standards are met.

Using ESS, management and control of security policies remain where they belong: with the IT manager. Endpoint protection is assured through a centrally based, integrated management console and doesn't require user interaction. Tim Cranny, senior security architect for Senforce, says, "A security policy needs to managed and controlled centrally without bothering the end user. The ESS agent accomplishes this by automatically determining its location and not requiring user interaction. It is critical for security measures to avoid conflict with productivity. The power to enforce security policy must be granular and flexible so it doesn't cause more problems than it solves." Visit Senforce's Web site for pricing information and to download a 30-day evaluation copy.

Automatically Change Printer Configurations
OCI Technologies released MoveMyPrinters, printer-management software that uses Active Directory (AD) to automatically make changes to the configuration, migration, and management of network printers on client computers. MoveMyPrinters saves users the time of having to manually manage printers. MoveMyPrinters performs routine client-computer printer-maintenance tasks, such as deleting old or local printers, adding new local or networked printers, setting the default printer, and installing print drivers. When changes are made on printer servers, MoveMyPrinters automatically detects and moves networked printers on each client machine. Pricing is $249., 954-253-1327

Administrators: Easily Deploy Software and Apply Hotfixes
Real Enterprise Solutions (RES) released WISDOM, software that incorporates agent-based embedded change management to create a complete maintenance solution for Windows desktops and servers. WISDOM lets administrators easily deploy software, apply hotfixes, and automate many other routine tasks. WISDOM also includes system audit trails and instant reports so that administrators can fully manage and maintain the enterprise. WISDOM's Instant Reports functionality lets you query a report based on total computer hardware or software inventory, file contents, disk-space history, and application inventory. You can license WISDOM per deployed agent. Contact RES for pricing., 770-569-4737

Generate Network Inventory
MIS Utilities released Network Asset Tracker 2.10, inventory software that allows you to generate a network inventory without installing software on your users' PCs. Network Asset Tracker's built-in scheduler lets you scan all the nodes of your network and collect information about OSs, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, software, and running processes on remote PCs. Export reports to HTML, XML, Microsoft Office Visio 2003 XML drawing, Microsoft Excel, and Rich Text Format (RTF) formats. Pricing for Network Asset Tracker 2.10 depends on the number of audit nodes you want to track. Visit MIS Utilities' Web site for detailed pricing information.

View Windows Documents On Your Mobile Phone
Circuit Systems released Fone Folio, a Windows application that lets you view Windows files on your cell phone. Circuit Systems' secure file server protects Windows files by using 128-bit encryption and compresses the data before delivering it to your cell phone. Fone Folio supports Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, Corel Quattro Pro, and Corel Presentations. The product also supports 12 common image formats and text attributes. Fone Folio runs under Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE and supports all modern cell phones that use Java or Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 2.0. Pricing for Fone Folio is $5.99 per month.

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