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More Xbox 360 Pricing Details Emerge

Microsoft recently revealed that it would sell a Core System version of the Xbox 360 that doesn't include a hard disk but will retail for just $299. The company will also offer a premium bundle that features the Xbox 360 console, a wireless hand controller, a 20GB hard disk, and an HDTV-compatible cable for $399. Most interesting, perhaps, is news about the Xbox 360 peripherals that Microsoft will offer, which include a 20GB hard disk ($99.99), a 64MB Memory Unit ($39.99), a wireless hand controller ($49.99), a Play & Charge Kit ($19.99), a rechargeable battery pack for the wireless hand controller ($19.99), a wireless networking adapter ($99.99), a headset ($19.99), a universal remote control ($29.99), and various custom faceplates ($19.99 each) and AV cables ($29.99 to $39.99 each). Both Xbox 360 versions come with a free subscription to Xbox Live Silver

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